Advanced Root Canal Treatment

Advanced Root Canal Treatment2024-07-03T05:10:06+00:00

Root Canal Treatment is a common dental procedure administered to over 15 million people yearly in India. Also known as endodontic treatments, 

Endodontic treatments cause lesser pain compared to tooth extractions and carry little risk with an average success rate of over 92%. Before you undergo such a procedure it can help to understand how it works.

What is a Root Canal?

Each tooth has a visible, hard surface called enamel on its surface, but that does not mean they are indestructible. Beneath this shining white armour (Enamel) is bony tissue (Dentin), and beneath that is a soft, mushy, hyper-sensitive interior (Pulp). 

Dentists call this interior the pulp, and it’s made of nerves & blood vessels that allow us to feel the sensations on our teeth. Beneath these three visible components, each tooth is embedded deeply inside the gums (Gingiva).

The root channel through which the tooth’s nerves connect with the rest of the body is called the Root Canal.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Tooth decay happens when bacteria on the surface of the teeth emit harmful acids that break down the tooth’s hard armour. This infection starts with food left behind due to bad oral hygiene. 

Left on its own, it damages the tooth and leads to dental cavities. These cavities are permanent holes caused by deterioration. If this damage is limited to the first two layers, it can be treated with various procedures, like fillings, crowns, or veneers. 

Once the decay reaches the pulp, it requires a more severe treatment. The dentist has to expose and remove the infected pulp from the affected tooth. This dental procedure which removes the infected tissue is called Root Canal Treatment.

When is Root Canal Treatment necessary?

This dental care procedure becomes necessary under various circumstances. 

  1. If you feel intense pain in your tooth when chewing, biting, or applying any kind of pressure over a long time. The treatment can help give relief to the patient and put them at ease.
  2. When a dental infection reaches the pulp but has not penetrated deep enough to infect the whole tooth. This treatment can save the natural tooth without having to remove it entirely.
  3. When the tooth gets damaged the vulnerable pulp can get infected easily. A root canal treatment can clear out only the infected area and restore the tooth’s structure.
  4. If a dental abscess begins to form around the tooth’s base, it is typically caused by an infection. This is a pocket of puss that causes severe pain. It can also be treated with this procedure.

A Root Canal Treatment can save the healthy part of the tooth while removing the infected area. It provides immediate pain relief to the patient and is a reliable, safe, & long-term solution. 

What are the Steps of a Root Canal Treatment?

Health Square Dental Clinic has successfully administered over 100 endodontic treatments that rival the best dentist in Jaipur. Here is what you can expect if you book one with us:

Step 1: Identification

We carefully identify the extent of the damage using the best equipment available. Using a safe and accurate digital X-ray, we find out exactly how far the infection has spread.

Step 2: Preparing The Area 

The proper dose of anaesthesia is applied to ensure a smooth procedure with as little pain as possible. A cavity is made in the tooth to reach the root canal for treatment.

Step 3: Disinfection

Addressing the root cause of the issue, the tooth’s exposed interior is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at this point. The root canal is shaped and cleaned once more.

Step 4: Filling 

Now that the infection has been removed and the painful part is over, the hollowed-out tooth is properly filled with gutta-percha to keep bacteria out & act as an adhesive.

Step 5: Restoration & Crown

Once the restorative procedures are finished, a crown is placed on top of the treated tooth. This adds strength & shape to the tooth and is custom-shaped to match the exact needs. 

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Jaipur

The total cost of this endodontic procedure can wildly vary based on the extent of the damage caused by the infection and the type of crown chosen by the patient. Health Square ensures you world-class safety & service within your budget.

On average, you can expect a root canal treatment in India to cost between ₹2,000 and ₹10,000. Even the best dentist in Jaipur won’t ask for more than ₹15,000 for a root canal treatment.

This excludes the price of the cap/crown that’s placed on top of the tooth at the end of the procedure. Crowns can also vary between ₹5,000 to ₹30,000 and are crucial to the process of root canal treatment.

Why Choose Health Square Dental Clinic in Jaipur?

Dr Sonal Agarwal is the best dentist in Jaipur for all cosmetic dental procedures. This makes Health Square ideal for the final part of the root canal treatment. 

Our clinic also has cutting-edge equipment and an experienced staff to assist in making dental care services as convenient as possible. We have successfully provided 100+ advanced root canal treatments and our clients can vouch for us.

Call us at +91 7403330888 to book an appointment. Get a dental check-up in the Shyam Nagar / Nirman Nagar area in Jaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced Root Canal Treatment in Jaipur (FAQs)

Is root canal treatment painful?2024-06-29T07:41:21+00:00

Not necessarily. While the treatment is not completely free from discomfort, modern anesthesia and processes can make it quite easy to bear. This also depends on the extent of the infection.

How long does it take to recover from a root canal treatment?2024-06-29T07:44:30+00:00

Less than one week. That’s how long a patient will take to return to being completely healthy & pain-free.

Can I eat after a root canal treatment?2024-06-29T07:45:20+00:00

Yes. Patients can eat as early as 2-4 hours after a root canal treatment. It is advised to avoid putting stress on the affected teeth.

Is a root canal treatment safe?2024-06-29T07:46:09+00:00

Yes. Root canal treatments are by far one of the safest and most effective dental care services provided by Health Square Dental Clinic in Jaipur.

Is there an affordable alternative to root canal treatment?2024-06-29T09:37:41+00:00

Yes. Tooth extractions tend to be more affordable than root canal treatments. Some patients prefer to get their natural teeth removed purely for that reason.

What are the side effects of a root canal treatment?2024-06-29T09:38:30+00:00

The patient may experience mild pain and sensitivity after the procedure. They can brush their teeth and eat as usual after as early as 4-6 hours. Most patients are back to normal within a week after the procedure.

How to avoid root canal treatment?2024-06-29T09:39:41+00:00

By taking good care of your dental hygiene to avoid infection.

Can I choose fillings instead of root canal treatment?2024-06-29T09:40:16+00:00

In cases where the tooth decay or infection has only damaged the tooth’s surface, fillings can be used instead of a root canal treatment.

How long does a root canal treatment take?2024-06-29T09:41:16+00:00

A single-sitting root canal treatment tends to take between 90 minutes to 3 hours. This time can also be split between two appointments.

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